Mascara is one of the most popular beauty products of all time, and it’s easy to understand why. A few slicks of a good formula on lashes can completely open up the eye area, leaving the face looking more awake and youthful. It’s also often considered the quickest way to transform a tired complexion, which is why most makeup artists name mascara as the one makeup product they couldn’t do without.

And thanks to a clever mascara hack on TikTok, we’ve recently fallen in love with mascara all over again. Creators on the platform have discovered a technique that leaves eyelashes full, defined and fluffy in seconds – like you’ve just stepped out of the salon with a fresh lash lift. The secret, according to TikTokers, is all in the wielding of the wand.


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The technique, as demonstrated by @makeupbylxna, is called the ‘zick zacking’ method and it involves holding your mascara wand vertical like a pen and brushing it from side-to-side across your lashes – almost like you’re dusting them in a zig-zag fashion – to coat each lash from end to end.

You then leave your lashes to dry, before repeating again with another coat using the same technique. This ensures that every inch of your eyelashes are getting lacquered by the formula, defining each individual lash to provide an extra boost of volume.


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Finally, you finish the fluttery effect by giving your lashes another coat of mascara – but this time, you simply brush the wand through your lashes as you normally would, wiggling it through from root to tip to add a last layer of the formula that holds everything in place.

Now I must admit – although it’s only recently gone viral, I’ve actually been doing this mascara hack for years after stumbling upon it by accident. But it’s true – flipping your wand vertical really does wonders for accessing those finer, harder-to-reach inner lashes, keeping them straighter and more defined and therefore opening up the eye area even more.

Try it, and just try to tell me I’m wrong.