Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage

When I was younger, my dad traveled fairly often for work, so he had a vast arsenal of travel-sized bespoke grooming and body products in a storage closet. Shower goods, deodorants, hair care (even though my dad was bald) — if you came over to my house that year, surely you left with something you didn’t need. Clearly, that was the origin story for my future beauty product hoarding in my current career path, but I never knew other people had that same approach until Cardi B, queen of Entering A Discourse, chimed in on Twitter with a photo of her bathroom shelfie.

First of all, yes, Cardi, I would happily take a shower at your house. What is most notable here — other than the sheer amount of stuff offered to you when you go to Cardi’s residence — is how drugstore-friendly it all is. Like, you know she is the type to roll into Target with three carts and just clear a shelf. It’s good to know that Cardi and I use the same type of body lotion, or that she knows not to use St. Ives on her face (it’s for her bikini line). Here, I broke down, by category, what is on Cardi’s shelf, so you can get it for yourself, too.

Body Wash

Body & Facial Scrubs


Body Oils & Lotions


Personal Care

And these are just the products that we can identify — we’ll let the Harriet the Spies of the world crack the rest of this code.