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I haven’t been shy in the slightest with my thoughts on celebrity makeup lines, but trust me when I say this: If the rumors of Ariana Grande’s beauty brand are true, I vow to not shut up about it for a full calendar year. Okay, sure, I may be biased because I love Ariana Grande enough that I cry thinking about her, but Page Six reported today that R.E.M. Beauty, a rumored makeup line from the Dangerous Woman, may be coming soon. R.E.M. is fitting, because if true, I will be just like the song says: “I don’t wanna wake up.” This is a dream come true.

Grande megafans (Grande grandefans?) recently uncovered a new Instagram page and website dedicated to R.E.M. Beauty, named after one of the best songs from sweetener, her 2018 album. Legitimacy was further added when they noticed that Grande’s mom, Joan, also follows the Instagram account, which is announcement-free as of now. Suspense also arose when R.E.M. Beauty billboards started popping up around Times Square, which was shared on the Instagram Story of Grande’s bestie, Doug Middlebrook.

This isn’t the first time Grande’s used her own music as cosmetic inspiration — “R.E.M.” already exists as a fragrance, as well as “thank u, next” and “god is a woman” — but it’s about time the queen of the cat eye dipped her eyeliner brush into the makeup game. It appears that documents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), a company owned by Grande called Thunder Road, Inc., have applied for trademarks under the R.E.M. Beauty umbrella consisting of cosmetics such as concealers, eyeshadow, lip oil, lip and cheek tint, face mist, lipstick, lip gloss, and… hair extensions. As in you can have an Ariana Grande pony of your very own. Maybe… some celebrities should have makeup lines? Regardless, we’ll keep an eye out — if you hear a shriek in the distance, that’ll be me letting you know R.E.M. Beauty has arrived.

Alexa, play “Pete Davidson,” because whoa — look at her mind.