first, second, and third date lipsticks
First, second, and third date lipsticks. Be prepared to rock his world. (Instagram @narsissist, @natashadenona, @hourglasscosmetics)

We’re going to take a giant leap right now and assume you’re reading this with your hair in some sort of messy bun, wearing pants with an elastic waistband, and some where in the back of your mind you’re debating whether to go to the gym or eat some fries. We’ve been there too, and our advice is, eat the fries. If you have a first date on the horizon and you’ve been too busy using apps to see what your potential kids could look like, we’re here to help you at least nail the lipshade. Whether you’re reading this a week in advance or thirty minutes before your date (we’re not judging), here are our top first, second, and third date lipstick picks. You’ve got this.

First Date

On the first date, less is more. Unless a bright and bold red lip is your signature, opt for a low key and subtle colour. We want your date to focus on you and what you have to say. Not to be thrown off by a dramatic look (save the drama for the tenth date, wink wink). Look for a glossy formula in sheer nude, pink, or berry tones. They will enhance the natural shape of your lips, make them look more plumped up, and just downright juicy. We love the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm in Shade O (Dhs130, Sephora). It’s the perfect universally flattering, sheer pink. This lipstick combined with your natural charm and good looks is the perfect recipe to hook him in. He’ll already be anticipating asking you out on that second date.

first, second, and third date lipsticks
We love the confident and sultry vibes the Nars Afterglow Lip Balm (Dhs130, Sephora) exudes. He has no chance but to be captivated. (Instagram @narsissist)

Second Date

The first date went well, he called you before you got home to tell you how much he enjoyed it and now he’s texting you regularly. Yes, girl, he is definitely day dreaming about you. For the second date, let’s give him a little more to think about. We’re not quite in red territory yet, but a deep mauve shade? Oh yes. We love Natasha Denona’s I Need A Nude lipstick in Nati (Dhs100, Sephora). Mauves are complex, interesting, and deep, just like you.

first, second, and third date lipsticks
Natasha Denona’s alluring deep mauve lipsick shade in Nati (Dhs100, Sephora) is the perfect seond date lipstick. (Instagram @natashadenona)

Third Date

You’ve agreed to go on a third date and your guy can’t believe his luck. He’s mesmerised by your mind and your beauty. Now, it’s time to vamp it up a notch. Behold, the bold red lip. We’re breaking it out and going in strong. Hourglass Cosmetics Confessions lipstick in shade Red 0 (Dhs182, Sephora) is the perfect third date lipstick. It’ll be a night he’ll never forget. Now the only question that remains, is he worthy enough for you?

first, second, and third date lipsticks
Red is the quintessential signature lipstick shade for good reason. (Instagram @hourglasscosmetics)