As flights resume and travel bans ease in the UAE, Abu Dhabi has also updated its guidelines for those wishing to enter and exit the emirate. Here is everything you need to know.

To enter Abu Dhabi, you will be required to be tested for COVID-19 outside the emirate and prior to entering. According to authorities at the Abu Dhabi Media office, “a text message showing a negative test result received within 48 hours must be shown in order to enter.” Note that only Covid-19 tests taken outside the Emirate will be valid for entry!

For a short trip outside the emirate, you can take a test in the emirate before departing and have it valid for re-entry if it’s within 48 hours of receipt.

Note a test result more than 48 hours after receipt is not valid, “a new test must be taken outside the emirate at any hospital or any screening centre affiliated with the National Screening Programme,” insists the Abu Dhabi Media office.

Photo: Juliana Malta for Unsplash