Wearing Bright Colours
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When asked how I describe my style, the majority of the time, I’ll respond with, “it’s a mixture of street and minimalism.. but it all depends on my mood”, and as funny as that may sound, it’s the complete and utter truth. That’s why I’ve never been too fond of the question because, in all honesty, I can’t determine what my style is because I base my wardrobe around my current mood every day.

Now, whether we know it or not, fashion is inherently linked with how we feel. It’s a tool we use to express our inner emotions with the outside world. And whether I like to agree with it or not, I had rarely considered wearing colour my whole life. My entire wardrobe consisted of never-ending neutrals from beige to black, white and grey, and as much as it’s been an absolute time keeping it effortless, I woke up one day with a desire for change (again, see how it depends on your mood) and began to embrace colour and print fully. For one week straight, I decided I would wear colour (and lots of it) and see how it affected my mood and behaviour, and let me tell you. It was pretty awesome.

Naturally, some days, I would wake up feeling like throwing on a matching sweat set, Jordans and a baseball cap. Other days, I felt like pairing my oversized double-breasted blazer with an athleisure ensemble and polished loafers. The options were endless, but while getting dressed, I would constantly tell myself to incorporate colour into my look, and boy has it changed my perspective in life. Experimenting is fun, and trying new things with your style is truly life-changing (as dramatic as it may sound.) Little did I know the change would even impact the people around me, which led to unlimited compliments and that alone is a mood booster.

For us fashion people, when it comes to choosing between an electric blue top versus a white top might actually be a more significant choice than we thought, which is why I created a fun cheat sheet to educate you (and ourselves) on the best colours to boost your mood and the feeling each of them evokes.


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This shade is often used when feeling calm and confident. With its many hues, this colour will make you feel comforted, especially during stressful situations. Also, when wanting to feel bold and extravagant, opting for an electric blue is a great alternative. 


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The first thing that comes to mind when wearing white is the feeling of innocence and peacefulness. Wearing white is a great hue to feel uplifted and a sense of newness.


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It’s hard to feel sad when you wear yellow, and this is the perfect hue to embrace joy, positivity, warmth, and good energy. It’s the ideal colour when you need a little pick-me-up. 


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Wearing red is a sign of feeling bold, powerful and ready to stand out in a crowd – especially when applying a red lipstick. This colour makes us feel powerful, fiery and passionate. 


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Any shade of pink is a nursing tone and can easily project the feeling of kindness. It’s the perfect tone to pull out for an occasion or celebrating a loved one.


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Tying you with nature, green is a very natural hue, giving off the feeling of safety and feeling grounded. This is a simple colour that can easily reduce stress and provides a sense of calmness with a hint of playfulness throughout the day.


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Feeling uplifted, energetic and happy are the instant feels you will receive when you throw on tangerine. The vibrant colour will associate with your energy and bring happiness.