For a brand with no social media presence, Bottega Veneta is redefining what it means to be in the digital space. The brand that made green the colour of the year and reinterpreted minimalism in fashion has always been one step ahead. Today, the third edition of their digital journal was released, and will be be refreshed quarterly.

Issued By Bottega is comprised of fashion imagery and a new and immersive way of consuming it. The journal is made available to the public through a simple click, and is possibly the most ‘Bottega’ thing we’ve ever seen (yes, we turned Bottega into an adjective). It features a collection of interactive imagery by different artists and photographers, including Tyrone Lebone who has been the mastermind behind some of the largest Bottega Veneta campaigns ever since Daniel Lee was appointed as creative director of the brand.

By Tyrone Lebone, courtesy of Bottega Veneta

Other work featured on the digital journal includes work by Isabel + Helen, who created inflatable reiterations of iconic Bottega handbags, including the Mount and Casette bags.

Another one of our personal favourites is by More and More, who created artistic and moving illusions of the fabrics and textures seen in Bottega’s latest collections, such as fringe and padded intrecciato.

The artworks are inspired by Salon 03, Bottega Veneta’s latest collection, and are a reminder of the brand’s persistence to think outside the box and always push the boundaries when it comes to creativity and aesthetics. To check out the new digital journal, click here.