The expected date for the commencement of Ramadan is 24 April 2020 and end on 23 May 2020, according to the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources UAE has announced that all public sectors will follow the official operating hours from 9am to 2pm, five hours a day, during the holy month of Ramadan.

They shared on social media that this excludes the exception for occupations which require a longer duration of working hours, “Ministries and Federal entities must take into consideration those whose nature of work requires otherwise.”

Private sector timings will be revealed soon.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education in UAE has also announced that all educational facilities are to adopt a reduced study plan during Ramadan. The daily duration of each lesson will be 30 minutes and a number of 15 to 20 classes will be conducted each week.

Photos: David Rodrigo for Unsplash