If you haven’t ever visited this Peruvian trailblazer, then its iftar menu might be the chance you’ve been looking for. Not only does it put a spotlight on some of the swanky restaurant’s signature dishes – so you get a real taste of what the restaurant does best – but it does so at a very affordable set price at AED199 per person.

The food comes in four waves; break your fast with some of the sweetest dates we’ve ever sampled, edamame sprinkled with sea salt, date tea and soup – there’s an option of three but our choice of creamy pumpkin was a winner with depth of flavour and lots of texture thanks to the addition of pumpkin seeds and crisp veal bacon.

The next lot of dishes were our favourites; crisp croquettes with Chilean seabass centres, expertly rolled avocado-filled maki, refreshing apple and cucumber pickle salad, beef cheek-filled mini baos and grilled garlic chicken skewers. This selection truly showed the talent in the kitchen.

You get to pick your main; generous portions of corn-fed baby chicken, miso beef ribs, char-grilled seabream, stir-fry quinoa or a rich, risotto-like lime and chili sea bass are all offered giving you something to plum for no matter what your mood.

The only addition to the menu – we recommended that it be added as a permanent fixture as it was so good – was the isla flotante. A multi-layered confection of meringue, pistachio, apricots and date cream enlivened by lime. The perfect end to a delicious, and filling meal. As a regular I was thrilled that they’ve played to their strengths; this should be a treat that both aficionados and newbies should book pronto.

For those worried about eating out in Covid times, the Lima-inspired eatery inspired confidence with safety measures firmly in space. Not only were diners seated well away from one another, the table was sanitized as courses were cleared away, individual sachets kept everywhere for easy convenience. Masks were prevalent and correctly worn and if you wanted to sit al fresco, fans offered up a breeze that cooled temperatures down and offered beautiful views of the skyline.

COYA Abu Dhabi is at the Four Seasons at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi. The iftar costs AED199 per person for food only.

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