If you like your safety to be solid but with a side of stunning interiors, show-stopping food and delightful staff, then COYA awaits your custom. Arriving at the Four Seasons you can actually valet your car, still rare at a lot of places, you’re met by staff in masks and gloves who first dress the driver’s seat and steering wheel with disposable protective covers before driving away.

On entering the Peruvian restaurant, the usual temperature checks and hand sanitiser are provided before you’re taken to your table, where you are offered the option of dining with disposable cups and napkins if you feel safer doing so. We opted for regular crockery, which was laid alongside branded wipes, which were refreshed throughout the visit.

The extensive menus is accessed by scanning a QR code and you can scroll through a picture and description of each dish – which is a digital joy compared to a regular menu. The pictures, as pretty as they are, don’t prepare you for how tasty your meal is going to be: we started with a giant bowl of guacamole and shrimp crackers, followed by fresh yellowfin tuna and seabass ceviche, chicken and tiger prawn skewers and the one of the best fish dishes we’ve every tried in the shape of the Chilean seabass and rice pot.

We washed that down with wonderfully steaming hot churros and chocolate sauce for the grand finale. COYA is a must visit, and with the new spaced-out dining area, there’s real room to enjoy the artwork and relaxed atmosphere. If you want something a little more lively though, the COYA brunch is back on the menu every Friday.

CALL NOW or BOOK HERE. Find COYA, at Restaurant Village Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, Dubai.



Tuna Ceviche