An influx of Saudi fashion designers are debuting their work at Milan Fashion Week this year to press and buyers, thanks to a partnership between the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture and Fashion Commission and WHITE Milano. The latter is spearheading a new project during Milan Fashion Week, titled ExpoWhite, which is a wholesale design exhibition taking place from now until the 26th of September in the renowned Tortona Fashion District.

Courtesy of WHITE Milano

WHITE Milano’s ExpoWhite will not only support up-and-coming talents, but it will also introduce international buyers to emerging fashion markets. To accomplish this, the WHITE Milano team curated a pool of work by international designers from Brazil, the Netherlands, South Africa, and Saudi Arabia for its ExpoWhite show. The featured Saudi designers at the trade show are connected to the global travelling exhibition, Saudi 100 Brands, which aims to help Saudi designers showcase their work internationally. The organisation’s alignment with ExpoWhite’s mission of increasing exposure for diverse designers at Milan Fashion Week makes the two a cohesive pair.

“We are excited to launch ExpoWhite and profile a new generation of designers and brands from diverse backgrounds on the global fashion stage,” said Brenda Bellei, Chief Executive Officer of WHITE, adding “Saudi 100 brands will celebrate Saudi’s local fashion talents and showcase the Kingdom’s growing fashion industry to a new audience.” 

80 of the 100 designers from the Saudi 100 Brands are women whose work fits into one ExpoWhite’s eight design categories: concept, evening, ready-to-wear, casual, resort, bags, menswear and jewellery. Brands and designers like Adelfes, Almuhaisen Jewellery, Atelier Hekayat, and Bovenue – By Sadeem are included in the lineup of influential Saudi creatives selected for the show. Having a dedicated space for Saudi designers at a trade show during Milan Fashion Week pushes their work into the global market in an effective way. It is an exciting method to shine a light on the talent emerging from the Kingdom.