The creative director of Balenciaga, Demna, is no stranger to experimental collaborations. From Fortnite skins to Crocs pumps, Demna has been unpredictably steering Balenciaga’s aesthetic since 2015. Clothing collaborations aren’t the only thing he’s interested in; Demna continues to stretch the Balenciaga brand with cultural enterprises. The latest is evolving into an official curator on Apple Music.

Courtesy of Balenciaga

Demna recruited the music collective Acid Arab to curate Balenciaga’s most current playlist on Apple Music. The recruitee, Acid Arab, is an electronic group known for mixing high energy beats with sounds and vocals derived from the Middle East. The group’s playlist for Balenciaga features original music and electronic tunes from regional groups that complement their unique sound, like Uper Acid Band and Muslimgauze. Acid Arab is able to honour its commitment to making room for Arab culture in contemporary music with its playlist. In turn, Balenciaga is able to release limited-edition merchandise in collaboration with Acid Arab.

Demna and Acid Arab collaborated on a limited-edition line of clothing and accessories to go with the playlist. The Balenciaga x Acid Arab merchandise consists of unisex apparel in a neon green colourway that is as lively as Acid Arab’s music. The collective’s name is written across the chest in black in Roman and Arabic letters to cement Acid Arab’s work with the French fashion house.

Courtesy of Balenciaga

To complete the collaboration, the Balenciaga team enlisted one of its trusted photographers, Éamonn Freel, to capture the campaign. From colourful merchandise stills to high-energy videos, Freel stylistically laid out the collection’s content for the brand. To add more visual complexity to the campaign, the photographer used an augmented image technique and lighting; conveying the alternative aesthetic that underscores the Balenciaga x Acid Arab collection.

The limited-edition Balenciaga x Acid Arab merchandise will be available in stores and on

Listen to Acid Arab’s exclusive playlist for Balenciaga here.