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By now we’d all be well across the notion that the skincare industry is positively booming at the moment. The onset of the global pandemic relegated most of us to our lounge rooms, which meant less need for makeup and more time for some serious skin treatments. In the months following the global mandated lockdowns, skincare sales soared as we indulged in face masks, serums and creams at home, and we haven’t stopped buying them since.

There were a few brands that pulled ahead of the pack, as seen in the millions of skincare shelfies and video reviews currently doing the rounds on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You could probably pinpoint a few of the major players with an educated guess, but thankfully beauty e-tailer Look Fantastic has done a more accurate appraisal of the market for us.

The team combed through Google to find the highest-searched skincare brands from the past 12 months to determine which had garnered the most interest. And yes of course, it isn’t an exact science – and Look Fantastic only mentioned the brands currently stocked on their site in the results – but we’d argue it’s a fairly solid gauge of the brands that are currently trending the highest.

So let’s take a closer look at the top three, shall we?

1. The Ordinary

Are you really surprised by this one? Cult brand The Ordinary is said to have garnered the highest Google searches over the 12 month period, with more than 37,060,000 global internet inquiries on the search engine. The affordable price, coupled with the highly efficacious products and unique approach has created more than just a hugely successful company – it’s a movement.

2. Neutrogena

Well-priced is probably what comes to mind first when you think of Neutrogena, but a closely followed second for me is innovation. The budget skincare brand is consistently at the forefront of science, whether it’s through LED light treatments, harnessing breakthrough technology for their latest formulas or clever campaigns.

3. Foreo

Of course FOREO searches would surge during the pandemic, at a time when salons were shut and we were more able than ever to commit to the daily use of skincare tools and gadgets. The Swedish brand does skin tech – including cleansing tools, LED face masks and more recently, microcurrent devices – perhaps better than anyone else on the market right now.

For the full list – which also includes the likes of Pai, Elizabeth Arden, Elemis and Moroccanoil – head here to Look Fantastic.