Photo: Instagram @Michaelkors

The U.S. brand owner of Michael Kors, Capri Holdings LTD., has announced as of June 1st, Robin Gendron will be moving up from senior vice president to EMEA president of the company, covering all aspects of retail and e-commerce. With Gendron’s new promotion, he will report to the chairman and chief executive officer of Capri Holdings, John D. Idol.

“Robin has deep roots in the Michael Kors brand and has proven himself to be a strong leader and innovative thinker as the company has grown exponentially over the past 15 years. He has an exceptional breadth of knowledge of all aspects of the business, from sales, retail and merchandising to e-commerce and operations. He is the ideal choice to lead Michael Kors EMEA into the future.” Says John.

Gendron’s journey with the American designer initially started in Montreal. He worked at the Canadian head office and shortly after relocated to the U.S office, where Robin was appointed as vice president. “Michael has created one of the most successful and iconic global brands, and I am honoured to continue to propel Michael’s vision and drive the business for the EMEA region.” shares Gendron.