With Christmas but a few short weeks away, celebrities on Instagram have already started getting into the holiday spirit – and they’re spreading the cheer with the new social media challenge, Elf on a Shelf. Ever heard of Banks on a Hanks? The Queen on Delevingne? No, these are not the names of new Netflix shows, these are the captions that go along with Hollywood celebrities’ latest obsession, #myelf challenge – and it’s totally a Christmas 2020 mood.

Garcelle On Pharell

Here’s how it works: Each celebrity picks the name of another celebrity whose name rhymes with their own, following which they superimpose their chosen A-lister’s image on their shoulder. The fad actually originated from a book of the same name – released in 2005 – which turned into a Christmas tradition that saw parents place a toy elf in different parts of their home – giving the impression that it’s moving – to keep their children behaved during the holidays.. The elf then heads back to the North pole to inform Santa of whether the kids have been naughty or nice.

Hanks on Banks

Putting its own twist on Elf on a Shelf, the challenge first took off when American actress and TV personality, Garcelle Beauvais, reposted a meme of herself with Pharell Williams on her shoulder. Now celebrities across the bord are taking part in it – everyone from Cara Delevingne, to Priyanka Chopra and Eva Longoria.

Levine on Celine

Jordan on Gordon

Costanza on Sansa

Grease on Reese