Lebanese influencers supporting Beirut
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From Nour Arida to Jessica Kahawaty, Karen Wazen and Rita Dahdah Fawaz, Lebanese influencers are speaking up about Beirut’s current state and providing ways to support their community.

Yesterday morning, Lebanese model Nour Arida took to her Instagram to share a post where she revealed, “starting today, and for three consecutive days, I am giving my platform to people I believe can make a change. Diane Assaf – activist and lawyer – will be taking over my account fully and will host 3 interviews with three key figures – starting tonight.” Diane Assaf is a Lebanese lawyer who lost a close friend due to the explosion on August 4th. This led her to create a page on Instagram, bring awareness to Lebanon’s happening, and share her legal knowledge from a lawyers standpoint.

Jessica Kahawaty, on the other hand, has offered anyone in Lebanon to direct message her on Instagram to talk and will even call anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on due to the power shortage and suicide hotline going offline. Furthermore, Kahawaty has created a Lebanon relief fund with the help of her Australian family, sharing ‘Every single dollar will be accounted for, and a timeline for using the funds will be provided as soon as the fundraiser is closed. I am 100% responsible for ensuring your money reaches those in need.”

Elsewhere, we’ve seen Dubai-based Lebanese influencer Karen Wazen take the time to create an in-depth IGTV video in which she captioned ‘Urgent 🇱🇧💔 What’s happening in LEBANON, and how you can help. 🇱🇧💔” For any non-Arabic speakers who are wondering what is happening in Lebanon, I would listen to what she has to say. Rita Dahdah on the other hand has been featured on Doha’s news; she is taking in loads of donations to send to Lebanon.

These influencers are doing their part to support their country and highlight reliable sources and information to trust. If you are looking for ways to help, you can click here for four ways to support Lebanon.

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