beirut explosion 2020
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“Tomorrow is the 4th of August 2021. 1 year since the explosion shook the heart of Beirut… for everyone in Lebanon, time stopped on the 4th of August 2020.” Lebanese influencer Karen Wazen wrote on Instagram earlier today, Wazen continued, “no justice has been served… the days pass.. people survive… but they don’t live.. the wounds haven’t even begun to heal. The heart of every Lebanese is still broken. I ask you please to remember the familiar of the victims of the explosion in your prayers. We will never give up on seeking justice!!!” The caption accompanied four hashtags for Lebanon, #wewillneverforget #august4 #wewillnevergiveup #justiceforLebanon

Lebanese influencers, artisans, and designers show their support by coming together as a community and sharing their love toward their beloved country. The August 4 blast killed more than 200 people and left as many as 300,000 homeless, injured and decimated business for miles in less than 10 seconds. We need to remind the world of what happened, but make sure to check in on our loved ones. Each and every one of us has a different way of healing, and during the mark of the one year since the explosion, it’s important to talk to a friend or stay off of social media if the content can trigger any emotions.

From Zuhair Murad to Haifa Wehbe and Lana El Sahely, Lebanese celebrities raise awareness of the tragic event and stay hopeful for the future.

zuhair murad | Lebanese Designer

nancy ajram | Lebanese singer

lana el sahely | lebanese influencer

haifa wehbe | lebanese singer

jessica kahawty | lebanese model/influencer


charbel zoe | lebanese designer

yara | lebanese singer

With the support of the international communities, Beirut can rebuild. The country has suffered so much and is in search of safety and opportunity. Multiple initiatives have been launched to immediately support humanitarian relief by providing medical supplies, food and housing efforts. An alternative way to push and show local creatives that they are supported and valued is by helping them thrive locally.