In 1997, Kim Kardashian was 16 years old, with razor-thin eyebrows that we frequently associate with the iconic decade’s biggest beauty trends. If you’re not the type of fan who looks back at the media personality’s photo archives, you might not have known that her brows have undergone a journey. The mum of four’s modern-day arches are thick, full, and well-defined, courtesy of her very own KKW Beauty products. But on Tuesday, March 9, the Skims founder shared a never-before-seen photograph of herself that shows off her former arches in all of their super-arched, overplucked glory.

Even with thin brows, though, the majority of commentators went wild over how she looked as a teen. If this feels familiar, that’s because the sunbathing selfie isn’t the only throwback she’s shared recently in which she embraces the controversial beauty fad. This past January, the reality star posted a photo of her and Kourtney to her Instagram feed (check it out below). In the pic—which appears to have been snapped on a good old-fashioned disposable—the sisters look at the camera candidly, sporting au naturel, skinny brows. Kardashian captioned the photo, “It’s the brows for me….”

Both of these posts have seemingly polarised Kardashian’s 200 million followers. Based on the comments alone, it appears as though a strong majority of fans are ready to bring back the thinner brow. “These brows are making a come back I can feel it,” one user commented. Another wrote, “Does anyone else miss the thin eyebrow look?? I think they give the face a more youthful and angelic appearance.” In contrast, though, many social media users still refuse to accept a thin eyebrow revival. Collectively, their arguments are best summed up by one scarred Instagram user’s point: “My brows are still recovering.” To her, we suggest a top-rated brow serum.

Nevertheless, some experts aren’t opposed to so-’90sbrows making a comeback. Take NYC-based celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons, for example. “I’ve been working with Bella Hadid a lot recently, and we’ve been on this super skinny brow kick, but delicately done and not overly pencil-thin,” Parsons said in a recent interview. “It’ll soften the face by delicately framing your features.”

It feels important to note that we’re seeing a resurgence of ’90s beauty fads in 2021, including—but not limited to—sooty black eyelinerclaw clipsmullets, and glossy, high-shine lip gloss. That said, it would be entirely unsurprising for the brow shape to trend again. We may not know for sure if Kardashian will formally give the thin brow a try, but it sure seems like she’s thinking about it.