While lip gloss has fallen in and out of fashionable favour since its 90s rise to fame – lately, lip gloss is booming. (Note: we have forever loved that little tube of shine-inducing goodness, for the record). Call it a millennial obsession with memory lane – namely a mania for all things 90s – and pop culture’s swift detour back into glossy territory – the Kardashian’s, Ariana Grande, the Hadid’s – but the lip gloss category is thriving. According to Business of Fashion, “lip products saw the biggest year-on-year growth compared to other cosmetics category,” with lip gloss growing for the first time since 2014,” notching its largest growth in 2017, increasing 6.9 percent to reach $2.94 billion.

Remember, lip gloss has come a long way since its debut. New formulations are now devoid of any kind of icky-sticky connotations which may have plagued products of the past. The new gen of gloss is suitably sheeny yet not unpleasantly tacky. New formulas boast a stain-like finish as oppose to gooey gel. Colours run the gamut of the rainbow, and beyond. Plus, lip glosses are now loaded with a host of lip-loving ingredients, which work in harmony to bring you not only the glossiest lips of your life but supremely hydrated ones, too.

The ultimate example of this shift in narrative is Dior. From a brand perspective, the house, in part, can be credited with the modern ascension of lip gloss. Reinventing the glossed-up tubes and sticks of old back in 2009 – with the launch of their now-cult Dior Addict Lip Glow range – this launch proved somewhat of a catalyst for the lip gloss revival of today. Since then, Dior’s glow train has seen no sign of slowing; going from strength to strength, and lip to lip with a glowing, glossy prowess, and leaving behind a lot of famous, juicy pouts in its wake (think Bella Hadid, Camila Coelho and GRAZIA covergirls Olivia Culpo and Olivia Palermo). And much like their cult stars of yesteryear – Lip Glow, Lacquer Plump and Ultra-Gloss – (which remain pout heroes), their latest gloss is perhaps their best yet.

Tapping our keen thirst for nostalgia – and big, juicy lips – Dior’s new Lip Maximizer ticks all the boxes of what a dream gloss is made of. It’s a shot of gloss with a pump of plump to bring you lips that are not only supremely shiny but puffed-up and pillowy, too (in the best way).

Born backstage, the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer has been rejigged with an ultra-care formula in fresh new shades imagined by Dior Beauty master, Peter Philips. Like scoops of sorbet, the new colour palette is delectable. The pinks range from Raspberry to Berry, and of course, Pink – Bella Hadid’s all-time favourite. Coral is a punchy orange, Rosewood a sexy universal nude, while the sparkle party really ramps up with its two holographic shades, Holo Pink and Holo Purple; loaded with micro-glitter that catches the light at every chance it gets.

Knowing the current cultural preoccupation with big lips, Dior have added the house’s signature lip plumper – but in a new-and-improved formula. Now providing veritable lip care – whilst simultaneously changing the volumes of your natural lip shape – micro-spheres of hyaluronic acid work to form a protective barrier on the lip’s surface that retains water and ensures 24-hour hydration. A momentous feat for a gloss – which typically gets a bad rap for its drying tendencies – Dior’s Lip Maximizer does anything but dry, rather, lips feel nourished and smoothed and loved for eternity (or close to).

Maximum gleam; maximum plump; maximum care; it’s basically shine and a jab of botox (without the needle or nasties) bottled – and we can’t enough. Let that teen spirit live on.

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