Kate Young
A snippet of fashion stylist Kate Young from her most recent YouTube video.

New York City-based fashion stylist Kate Young works with the biggest names in Hollywood: Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson, Selena Gomez, and Michelle Williams—just to name a few. Her highly sought-after styling expertise is no stranger to the red carpet, glossy editorials, and the world’s most esteemed runways. As undeniably exclusive as the former magazine assistant’s world sounds, she’s welcoming and transparent about the ins and outs of her profession and her go-to-processes, as evidenced by the launch of her first ever YouTube series called Hello Fashion.

The fashion expert promises to share a new video on her channel every Tuesday. Her latest, shared on March 23, is entitled “Dakota Johnson & The Art of the Mood Board.” The five-minute episode focuses on how vital an inspirational mood board is to developing one’s style—celebrity or not. “When I start out with a new client, the first thing I do is look for any pictures of them where I think they look great,” Young explains. “‘Is it a color? A silhouette? An attitude?’” I ask myself.” Once they establish what “it is” that makes the client feel their best, they move onto fashion icons.

Icons play an essential role in the creative process. It’s the second step in Young’s creative process after zeroing in on clients’ favorite personal fashion moments. The stylist admits that she has a knack for understanding peoples’ ideal aesthetic. “I can tell who you are from the person or the people, or the references you give me,” she explains. Once these individuals are nailed down, Young creates a mood board, fusing all of the ideas they’ve discussed. The mood board itself looks different from client to client. Sometimes, Young makes a secret shared Pinterest board. Other times, she produces a tangible book full of inspiration photos relating to outfits, looks, hair, and makeup.

Young encourages viewers who are interested in defining their personal style to make their own mood board using her exact creative process. “I find that it’s much easier to dress yourself when you have an idea of what you’re going for,” she says. The stylist recommends that you start by scrolling through your camera roll and favorite-ing looks of yours that you loved. Then, identify your inspirations and try to emulate their style using pieces from your own closet. Build your wardrobe from there as you identify pieces you don’t have and need. Capture looks you love on camera and fuse these into a collage that lives on Pinterest, Tumblr, your Instagram saved folder—you name it.