The always unpredictable Kanye West is full of surprises – some good, some not so much – but we’re happy to report his latest move is very positive indeed. The rapper announced he’ll now be moving Yeezy production to a four-thousand-acre headquarters in Wyoming in the United States.

The decision to create the huge manufacturing facility is to cut down on Yeezy’s environmental impact and create more jobs. In addition, Yeezy HQ will have its own cotton and wheat hydroponic farms (a method where plants are grown without soil so not to extract nutrients) in the aim of going seed-to-sow and to be able to oversee every element of production and manage their impact – especially the damage that comes as a result of dyes.

And remember those Yeezy crocs that had the internet in hysterics? Kanye revealed that the foam is actually made from algae. By using algae as a material, the company can clean waterways, protect wildlife and avoid creating foam by using fossil fuels. Hopefully good Kanye can stick around for a little while.

Photos: Instagram