Does Huda know its payday or something? Because she just announced another luxurious collaboration that’ll have us (happily) parting with our money.

Huda Beauty wasn’t always the billion-dirham brand it is now – it all started with Huda’s love of lashes. Each design in her original collection was inspired by influential women, and were handmade by the mogul herself. She’s since returned to creating lashes (as well as literally everything else) and has collaborated with celebs like Jacqueline Fernandez and Olivia Culpo.

This time Huda is collaborating with make-up artist and influencer Lottie Tomlinson for the #19 Lash – the first lash to be part of the Huda Beauty LUXE Lash collection. Lash-lover Lottie created a dramatic silk lash with 3D volume and ultra-fine fibres, with a natural finish and flexible band that’s perfect for beginners.

According to Huda, Lottie was the perfect partner because of her love of lashes. “Lottie is a lash queen!” Huda shared. Lottie also gushed about her partner, saying “Huda Beauty lashes were always my favourites” and admitting “I’ve always been obsessed with lashes ever since I started wearing make-up”. Us too, girl. Equal parts drama, luxury and glamour, we’re already making space in our make-up bags for this one.

Photos: Supplied and Instagram