The glaciers in the Himalayas have been shrinking gradually over the years, with a prediction that over the next 100 years, thousands more will melt. Due to climate change, the mountain known as being the highest peak in the world, might be losing one of the defining traits of its majestic and imposing presence. The rapid waning of the glaciers in turn affects the communities that depend on these masses of ice for sustenance. However, all is not lost. As fashion brands begin their shift towards more sustainable practices, the environment, and these mountains, might stand a fighting chance.

Bally is the Swiss luxury brand that’s helping save our mountains with a number of initiatives launched over the years, and the recent establishment of the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation. Want to start fighting the good fight? Head on to Bally’s newly launched website for a dose of fashion with a side of sustainability.


The Swiss brand which saw its beginnings in a basement in Switzerland is now a  leading luxury brands. And it’s no surprise, as Bally affords its shoppers a wide selection of shoes and bags to fit every occasion. Want to go save those glaciers yourself? Check out what adventure shoes they have on offer.

Known for its elegant and quality craftsmanship, the brand boasts of a number of timeless pieces, which can be found on the new online website. Want to show off the new post-pandemic you? Why not try Bally’s Dalmah bag in red? Or keep an eye out for the SS21 collection, which is set to be launching soon in the Middle East.


At 8,848 metres, Everest has been dubbed the World’s highest garbage dump, as the park surrounding the mountain receives over 100,000 visitors per year with 600 mountaineers partaking in the climb. With the melting of the glaciers, even more trash is uncovered beneath the ice which harms the environment and contributes to the contamination of the water used as a drinking and agricultural source for many communities in the area.

For 2021, the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation is organising its third clean-up at Everest. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg or glaciers, if you will. Bally is also partnering up with the Fujisan Club – a group founded in the ’90s to clean up debris on Fuji – for an expedition to clear areas in Mount.Fuji of waste.


More information about Bally’s mission to save mountains can be found on the online website.

Visit to shop now, or find out more about the brand’s sustainable efforts.

Photo: Supplied and Unsplash, @biseshgrg