Sustainability is one of the key buzzwords of the moment when it comes to everything from fashion to food, but only a handful of fashion brands are truly committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

That’s why Maje has decided to launch First Stone, a brand new sustainable capsule collection of denim that has been ethically produced.

One of the most wasteful production processes in fashion, denim was the obvious starting point for the brand but it isn’t stopping there.

Bianca Valle wearing the Maje First Stone AW19 collection

Maje aims to build upon its eco-friendly manufacturing processes by adopting more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and is currently re-evaluating wool, cotton and viscose production, and how it transports its raw materials and goods to consumers. It has already started using recycled wool in selected products and aims to use organic cotton in all its garments (cotton is currently one of the most chemical intensive crops when mass produced) in the near future.

But first, back to denim. By using new stone-wash techniques, Maje has been able to reduce its water usage by 95 percent, chemicals by up to 50 percent and energy by up to 79 percent.

“It’s not perfect but it’s a start – the first stone,” the brand explains.

Nuria Val wearing the Maje First Stone AW19 collection

“Our first step is a commitment. With humility, honesty and transparency, we are dedicated to sharing what we are doing and stating our commitments for each new collection to come. This is our way of making progress, step by step, towards a more sustainable approach to fashion and our collections.”

For AW19, Maje has managed to use eco-wash jeans in 95 percent of its collection, and 47 percent of its coats were made using recycled wool. For SS20, it wants 100 percent of its jeans to be produced with its new eco-wash, and 70 percent of its T-shirts to be produced using organic, ethically produced cotton.

The brand is also side-stepping the usual supermodels and influencers to model the First Stone collection, and has called upon Bianca Valle, Nuria Val and Michaela Thomsen instead.

Nuria Val wearing the Maje First Stone AW19 collection

Bianca who is based in the USA is an artist, writer and nutritionist who is committed to positively affecting climate change through her work; plant-based product advocate, Nuria Val from Spain has founded a cosmetics brand that celebrates natural beauty; while French former-model Michaela Thomsen is the co-founder of a natural skincare line.

In the campaign video, each woman reveals her “first stone”, the action that acted as the catalyst towards living a more sustainable life, and Maje is hoping their stories will encourage others to take that crucial first step.

“First Stone is our way of making our game-changing commitments and initiatives public. No manifesto – that’s not our style – but a fashion capsule worn and embodied by three modern young women: Nuria, Michaela and Bianca,” the brand adds.

Michaela Thomsen wearing the Maje First Stone AW19 collection

“Three committed women, from all over the globe, spearheading initiatives to protect the environment, and also seeking to make progress, step by step, towards a new way of doing things.”

The First Stone Collection is available at all Maje boutiques across the UAE, including the recently opened Mall of the Emirates location, Red Sea Mall and Assila Towers, Jeddah and Kingdom Center Mall, Riyadh

Clockwise from top left: Dress, Dhs1,290; Jacket, Dhs1,530; Shirt, Dhs780; Jeans, Dhs940; Dress, Dhs1,170; Skirt, Dhs895; Shorts, Dhs790