Courtesy of Marty Zenu

In our second exclusive Sustainable September feature, we sat down with Marty Zenu, founder and creative director of Martyne Swimwear. The brand is the very first vegan swimwear label in Dubai and takes pride in providing chic and fashionable swimwear that does not harm the environment throughout the design process. Scroll down to read our exclusive interview with the designer behind the brand.

What exactly is vegan swimwear?

Vegan swimwear like any other vegan apparel – it is made without using any animal products. When it comes to our vegan leather pieces, I guess that answer seems to be simple, however, it is more complex as it seems. In fact, for garments to be considered vegan, one has to avoid any animal exploration and animal products through the entire life cycle of the product. From production through packing to waste.

Being vegan means being also fully environmental. As hurting the environment, or not doing everything possible through the process of production to save the environment and resources is equal to hurting not only animals, but also humans.   Our swimwear is made from fishing nets harvested from sea and each piece contains UV and ultra-chlorine resistant made from castor oil beans. Through the process of production we help to clean oceans at least by small pieces of work.

Fishing nets contain nylon and polyester, those manmade fibers contain petroleum and is very harming to sea life. However, swimsuits are also made mostly from nylon and polyester as these fibers are very durable and elastic. Our appetite to create new products and buy new products are endless, however our resources aren’t.

At Martyne Swimwear, we strive to save the environment through fashion.

What made you keen on sustainability in  swimwear?

I am keen on sustainability in general, not only in swimwear. As a “sustainable shopper” myself, I struggle to find swimwear which is sustainable and not so boring. I wanted to create something sustainable as possible but interesting to wear.  Because, sadly, there is a lack of consumer-friendly sustainability in swimwear. The brands which claim to have sustainable swimwear are made from natural fibers such as cotton, however for consumers that is impractical choice as natural fibers absorb more water and tend to lose colors from chlorine and salt. I wanted to create something that will bring value for customers along with sustainability. I believe that protecting the environment and sustainability movement is in the hands of retailers.


Courtesy of Marty Zenu


Would you say quality of your line is better or the same as another brand?

Most people think that sustainable products compromise quality, however durability was the first thing that I considered when launching the brand especially when it comes to swimwear waste and a short life cycle issues as most swimwear contain petroleum to be elastic and avoid damage from chlorine. At the end of the life cycle, as any other garments, swimwear finishes wasted in ground or sea. For petroleum to decompose it takes a long time. Our swimwear is made from fishing nets harvested from sea and each piece contains UV and ultra-chlorine resistant made from castor oil beans. We use ECONYL® fabrics, which is one of the most durable and strongest in the market. Actually, most people buy Martyne swimwear because of the quality of textures and design, without even knowing about our sustainability promise.

Who is the ideal Martyne woman?

Ideal Martyne woman is any woman who loves designer swimwear. We have pieces to fit each kind of body and skin tones. Our swimwear is designed to get the best look of each body with minimum tan lines. Our collection has something for everyone, we have sizes from S to XL. Expect sensual Brazilian cuts. We sell bikinis with high waist and tummy push-in briefs. However, sensual pieces are most loved by my customers currently.

Are you thinking about entering another marker or are sticking to swimwear?

Started with swimwear but will move to casual wear, hats and sunglasses as the market grows. Also considering sustainable cosmetic products.


You can now shop Martyne Swimwear on their site and in selected outlets across the UAE.