I don’t know about you, but it feels like every time I scroll through Instagram, I constantly find myself stumbling upon an influencer, stylist or celebrity taking the perfect selfie in a rather intriguing mirror. It’s something about the angle, lighting and fit that formulates the ultimate selfie and has easily become a fan favourite amongst many A-listers.

If you have Instagram, you’ve probably come across the iconic squiggly mirror in a rather radiant pink or cream tone on your feed. From Bella Hadid to Nina Sandbech and many more celebrities, the Ultrafragola mirror by the Italian architect Ettore Sottsass has become the must-have interior piece of the season, and we’re kinda here for it.

But the biggest question is, how did this become everyone’s favourite mirror overnight? Well, for starters, the Ultrafragola is often sold out and most likely impossible to get your hands on. The mirror was crafted exclusively with vacuum-moulded plastic, fibreglass and industrial materials that had yet to be used in any interior designs, bringing the retail price to a whopping AED 42,233.

The designs take on a curved silhouette that somewhat mimics a women’s form with its flattering aesthetic. The glowing lights and warm hues the mirror comes in give off a positive yet warm aura, which is exactly what the Ultrafragola radiates (aka, good vibes only.) It also undeniably looks like a piece of art, and at this point, we’ve seen many celebs opting for a curvy and neon hued mirror rather than a clean, crisp and modern silhouette for their space.

By the looks of it, the ’70s has significantly impacted our fashion and interior sense, leading us to purchase more asymmetrical, wavy and avant-garde styles. And as history shows, we’ve always loved a solid mirror, and the Ultrafragola has become our latest reflective obsession and a status symbol with Bella Hadid, Nina Sandbech and many more influencers, making it the centrepiece in their bedrooms.