Does the stress of holiday shopping make you wonder why you ever found it fun in the first place? If so, then Etisalat Market Outside The Box has got you covered. It’s a retail shopping experience returning to the Dubai Shopping Festival this year and promises to reinstate the thrill of the buy for even the most hardened shopper. With its engaging workshops, live entertainment, and brand activations the Etisalat Market OTB promises to be an exciting experience for all who enter. Since the the last day of the activations is tomorrow, 30th of December, make the most out of today and tomorrow by staying abreast of the 20+ vendors that will be going to the Etisalat Market OTB, like the ones we’ve listed below.

Etisalat Market OTB wants to tap into the cultures all over the world and bring them to the Dubai Shopping Festival. To do so, they have decided to feature high-end products from local brands like Wasted Youth, Ekadot Boutique, and Cultural Couture. Each brings its distinct styles and brand codes to the table, making the Etisalat Market OTB an experience rich in aesthetic variation. From Wasted Youth’s casual leisurewear line to Ekadot Boutique’s relaxed Kimono styles and Cultural Couture’s vibrantly patterned garments, there are plenty of style options available for everyone. Whether you’re browsing through the stalls or entertaining yourself with experimental activations, it’s bound to be an entertaining time.

The Etisalat Market OTB has taken part in the Dubai Shopping Festival’s mission to create more opportunities for sharing culture, cultivating personal growth, and indulging in self-expression this year. It is positioned to be a place of discovery, where you can explore new brands, check out their activations, and find yourself in unexpected places. The Etisalat MOTB designed this event for the shopper who likes to do more than throw a product on the counter – they want to experience a brand to its fullest.