Although we might still be processing the past year, 2021 is officially coming to an end. And with the end of a year comes Christmas, and with Christmas comes advent calendars. Namely, Jimmy Choo’s jaw-dropping advent calendar, which has not-so-low-key gone viral online – and for good reason, too. The fashion house has released the ultimate unboxing countdown for shoes and accessory lovers, and Dubai’s style set are a big fan.

Yesterday, Ola Farahat took to her Instagram to post a Reel of herself unboxing the first two doors of the five-day advent calendar she received from the British high fashion shoe brand. She revealed the dreamiest gifts behind each door, and Ola is not the only influencer raving about these epic advent calendar surprises. For those of you missing out on the overflow of TikTok and IG videos, here’s what’s happening.

Unlike other designers whose luxury advent calendars are available to purchase by fashion enthusiasts all across the globe, Jimmy Choo’s latest advent calendar is not available for purchase but rather sent to particular individuals with large social media followings. 

The high-fashion house approached this year with a new perspective. The brand wanted to create an exclusive element to drive shoppers straight to their nearest Jimmy Choo stores in time for the holidays. 

Each influencer is sent a different pair of shoes behind each door. For Dubai-based influencer Ola Farahat, door one included Jimmy Choo’s Scotty 110, Latte Nappa Mules with crystal chains valued at DHS 11,600. Door two included Jimmy Choo’s Bing 100, clear Plexi mules with multicoloured crystal strap, valued at DHS 4,050. 

Jimmy Choo, SCOTTY 110 Latte Nappa Mules with Crystal Chains, Dhs 11,600, SHOP NOW
Jimmy Choo, BING 100 Clear Plexi Mules with Multicoloured Crystal Strap, Dhs 4,050, SHOP NOW

On the other hand, Canadian-based influencer Valerie Lipovetsky’s, advent calendar included: Gaia silver platform sandals, Averly Fuchsia pumps, Varenne Satchel’s leather crossbody bag, Bon Bon crystal embellishment bag, and Acinda Slippers.


Day 1 of my @Team Jimmy Choo #adventcalendar 😭😍 whoever thought of this gift…I love you #holidaygifting

♬ original sound – valerialipovetsky

Jimmy Choo, GAIA 140 Silver Liquid Metal Leather Platform Sandals, Dhs 3,850, SHOP NOW
Jimmy Choo, AVERLY 100 Fuchsia Pumps with Asymmetric Grosgrain Mesh Fascinator Bows, Dhs 3,750, SHOP NOW
Jimmy Choo, VARENNE SATCHEL’S Caramel JC Monogrammed Calf Leather Crossbody Bag, Dhs 5,800, SHOP NOW
Jimmy Choo, BON BON Amber Orange, Berry Red and Lime Satin Mini Bag with Crystal Embellishment and Crystal Handle, Dhs 16,250, SHOP NOW
Jimmy Choo, ACINDA SLIPPER Natural Shearling Slippers with Crystal and Pearl Detailing, Dhs 2,700, SHOP NOW

Around the world, Kim Kardashian shared her take on the Jimmy Choo 2021 advent calendar. Behind door one, Kardashian unboxed Jimmy Choo’s silver mirror fabric mini bag with metal handles valued at DHS 3,850, and door two, which included the brands signature clear plexi mules in neon green, valued at DHS 4,050.

Jimmy Choo, BON BON Silver Mirror Fabric Mini Bag with Metal Handle, Dhs 3,850, SHOP NOW
Jimmy Choo, BING 100 Clear Plexi Mules with Multicoloured Crystal Strap, Dhs 4,050, SHOP NOW

The items are available to shop on the Jimmy Choo website, but altogether, the cost value of the items in the Jimmy Choo advent calendar can add up to AED 32,350 in total and to say the least, I think we all wish we were influencers at this point.