Courtesy of Glimpse

The increased amount of time spent with family and friends over the holidays is one of this season’s upsides, but preparing a look for each special occasion can take a toll on your wallet. Especially since most looks are doomed to be worn once during these well-photographed events to steer clear of outfit repeating. Our sustainable suggestion is to borrow wish-list-worthy clothing and accessories from high-end rental providers instead of hitting the high street for your festive looks this season. Get camera-ready for your holiday parties this year with an outfit from one of these high-end clothing rental providers.

The Hour Dress

What they provide: The Hour Dress offers A wide selection of popular designers for your rental experience, including Elie Saab and Georges Hobeika. Popular rental types from The Hour Dress consist of evening wear, bridal wear, headpieces, accessories, and kid’s gowns.

How it works: Book an appointment on The Hour Dress’s site to speak with a stylist who can assist you virtually and in person at the clothing rental storefront in Beirut.

Explore all rental styles on The Hour Dress here.


What they provide: Glimpse is the first of its kind in the region, offering an expansive range of fine jewellery rentals from your favourite designers, like Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

How it works: Sign up for one Glimpse’s membership options, customise a box of rental jewellery for yourself, and switch up your styles as often as you wish. When ready to return the items, you can arrange pick-up at a convenient location and time with Glimpse’s return team. Access a Glimpse membership for as low as Dhs 60 with its “one-time rental” option.

View Glimpse’s designer jewellery rentals here.


What they provide: Designer-24 is one of the leading luxury clothing renters in the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan and offers a same-day, try-at-home clothing rental service to its users.

 How it works: Register your account online to book a clothing rental from D24’s selection. Alternatively, book an appointment to browse at one of D24’s storefronts.

Find your next look at Designer-24 here.

Rent your wardrobe

What they provide: This clothing rental e-tailer offers a wide range of high-end clothing rentals to select from, which are organised by occasion for your convenience. It’s an option for people looking to borrow a style or two per month.

How it works: Find the rental subscription plan with RYW that best suits you. These start at Dhs 599, which permits five rentals every three months and goes up to Dhs 1,299, which allows 15 rentals every 12 months. Once you’ve subscribed to a plan, you can select items from RYW’s range of rental looks.

Browse the selection on Rent Your Wardrobe here.

SW One Fashion

What they provide: SW One Fashion offers a curated selection of high-end fashion to rentals for your next special occasion. Take advantage of SW One Fashion’s additional client services for a complete luxury experience, like meeting with one of their team’s personal stylists or seamstresses for customisations.

How it works: Browse from SW One Fashion’s collection of rentals online and book your appointment to hire your dress at its storefront in Dubai.

Browse SW One Fashion’s selection of high-end clothing rentals here.