When it comes to our wardrobe, we all have our individual sense of style, and so do the celebrities we know and love. But nowadays, it’s hard to picture celebrity red carpet looks and A-list street style outfits without the help of the most influential stylists out there. With their personal touch, they’ve been able to capture an audience, make significant headlines and set trends even more than a traditional runway can.

From wardrobe to hair and makeup, stylists have a way of transforming a celebrities brand image and indulging them in all sorts of major fashion houses. Their ability to pull pieces, create custom looks and find the rarest garments can make a critical impact on celebrities public appearance, and we’ve seen it first-hand. Whether it being Law Roach and Zendaya creating the most memorable looks on the red carpet, to Mimi Cuttrell and Bella Hadid’s unmatchable energy with their iconic street style looks. Even Zerina Akers, who has an impressive client portfolio on her own, joining forces with Chloe, amplified the singer’s personal style in unimaginable ways.

Stylists have particularly played a huge role when it comes to young stars who have yet to discover their own style fully or are looking for an experimental trail when it comes to their red carpet looks. Nonetheless, here are the most influential stylists of Gen Z making a truly impactful influence on celebrities, which have led to the rebirth of major style transformations that we are beyond here for.

1. Maeve Reilly X Charlie Damelio

Instagram @stylememaeve (left) & Instagram @charlirdamelio (right)

2. Molly Dickson X Addison Rae

Instagram @mollydickson (left) & Instagram @addisonrae (right)

3. jill jacobs x kylie jenner

Instagram @jilljacobsstudio (left) & Instagram @kyliejenner (right)

4. Law Roach X Zendaya

Instagram @luxurylaw

5. Zerina Akers X Chloe Bailey

Instagram @zerinaakers