I think we can all agree that the social media age has brought us endless surprises, from unlikely collaborations between brands and celebrities (AKA Fendi x Skims), as well as the unity of two polar opposite industries that had little to do with each other, easily joining forces and becoming one.

The world of gaming and technology could not seem any more different from the world of fashion. Still, the two have crossed paths within recent years and have showcased a wide variety of similarities that have caught us off guard. Now, we’ve seen the biggest names in the industry gaining a wild number of followers and gaming savants becoming style influencers, with fashion brands wanting to dress them at any given opportunity. But the main question is how did the two seemingly opposite fields come together, and will this relationship sustain long-time?

For starters, it was fashion that made the first move. A few years back, Louis Vuitton approached the League of Legends tournament organiser with the innovative idea to provide players’ outfits and a luxury carry case for the winner’s trophy. Needless to say, if LV knocked on anyone’s door, the answer would most likely be yes, and that’s exactly what Louis Vuitton did. The luxury fashion house agreed to collaborate, making it the first official union between the two industries.

Image from Riotgames.com

Before streetstyle was born, fashion designers used to focus on implementing bold prints and unique patterns into their collections. It could be argued that ever since street style emerged, it’s brought classic gaming style and current fashion trends together. Fashion has always been a place of inspiration, allowing others to express their authentic selves through their wardrobe, meaning you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice comfort for style, which is exactly what a gamer looks for when shopping. For those living in the live stream world, players are most likely sitting for hours with thousands watching them, making them a little more conscious of their look, which brings us to this point.

The bond between gaming and fashion doesn’t stop at commercial fashion opportunities but has expanded, offering endless options for players when developing their character or avatar within a game. Now, you can pick your avatars style and every aspect of their appearance, enabling you to select from the most prominent fashion houses’ latest designs for your new and improved character.

With the fashion industry paying games greater attention, it was only a matter of time before fashion’s biggest influencers started making moves into the gaming scene. Case in point: Regional influencer Karen Wazen launched her very own ‘Karen Wazen – My World’ app earlier this year, which allows her viewers to take a deeper dive into her world and easily become a part of it.

Now, with her latest update, the Lebanese-influencer has collaborated with Fenty beauty, allowing her viewers to pick and choose any of Fenty’s latest glosses when dressing her avatar for the day. Another increasingly popular collab was when The Sims joined forces with Moschino, where players could dress their characters in striking designer outfits fresh off the runway.

It’s become rather exciting to see gamers who have a passion for style and fashionistas who love to game on the same side.