Valentino Vintage 2022

Undeniably the past few years, we’ve seen an incredible rise in vintage shopping – making shoppers more aware of their consumption. And now, Italian luxury fashion house Valentino is officially joining the resale and vintage market.

The Milan-based brand and its creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, have partnered with numerous vintage stores across the globe, encouraging owners of Valentino vintage pieces to submit their items to the boutique in exchange for a store credit to use for newer collections.

The brand has revealed that the project will unfold in two phases. On October 27th, the luxury fashion house created a page on the website providing all the information necessary to give a second life to their Valentino garments. On-site, the participants can access the contact page of the Vintage stores participating and request an appraisal of their Valentino garments.

To activate the digital appraisal, the customer must send in a photo of the garment. If the garment is appraised positively by the Vintage store, the client will receive an invite to set an appointment offering a price range for the garment. This way, the client will be able to freely choose whether to make an appointment with the Vintage store and give in their garment at that time. If the client accepts the valuation, in return, they will receive a credit with the amount determined by the Vintage store – the credit will be a voucher that the client can use at specific Valentino boutiques.


Phase two is set to launch in January 2022, where consumers will be able to shop the selected Valentino Vintage finds in-store, with further details announced closer to the date… And in all honesty, it’s beyond incredible to see a luxury fashion house like Valentino stepping up their game and encouraging customers to engage in pre-loved garments, all while demonstrating a prime example of improving the environment in an impactful way.