Emirati Women's Day 2021
Courtesy of Spotify

While it’s important to celebrate women breaking boundaries all the time, today, we wanted to highlight the female forces using their work to empower others and bring joy to our lives through music.

Within every era of the industry, there have been a handful of women quietly leading the way and showcasing their impressive talents (aka becoming the powerhouses they truly are.) Over the years, music has proven to be a form of empowerment. It can simply make you feel like you are ready to face the world with all your strength.

In a recent interview with Spotify, rising Emirati star Almas shares,” I believe women are just like diamonds, strong, resilient, and always shining.” And we couldn’t agree more. The level of talent that comes from the Middle East is inspiring and empowering many women to create and become their own successful artists.

From Asala to Balqees and Diana Haddad, there are so many inspiring women on the music scene. To celebrate all of them on Emirati Women’s Day, we’ve curated a playlist of our top six songs, spanning the most recent and older hits by top female artists. Whether you are looking for some encouragement or just need to be reminded of the strong and powerful women you are, there are many incredible songs to choose from.

diana haddad | mani mani

balqees | diplomacy

ruwaida al mahrouqi | Hataitak Fe Bali

ahlam | Ma Saalt Ela Aalaik

almas | diamond

shamma hamdan | mo3jaba