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The term sustainable clothing brands has been swooning the internet within the past few years – especially during the pandemic. We’ve seen many luxury brands reinvent their styles, labels and packaging to follow a more eco-conscious mindset.

As consumers, we are always on the hunt to find our next eco-conscious purchase, especially when it comes to our everyday bags, whether it’s a hand-weaved tote bag, an oversized faux-leather cross-body or an elegant work bag. Which is why it’s crucial on our end to understand the design process that goes into each and every accessory, along with the materials used to make sure we are making greener choices when building our sustainable wardrobe.

With designers like Burberry, who have recently joined Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and many more luxury designers in forgoing fur and keeping an eco-conscious mindset when it comes to their latest fashion collections. Which has seamlessly opened the doors to an array of eco bags and ethical brands to choose from. It’s been stated that over 30 per cent of unwanted clothing end up in landfills every year, making the fashion industry the heaviest industry of them all. This is why it’s our responsibility to shift our mindset when it comes to shopping. Rather than spending on fast fashion accessories, opting for a luxury accessory and purchasing a few items a year can truly save our plants from natural damage and create less harm to the world.

From vegan leather to polyester and even alter-Nappa, we’ve seen various brands using unique coatings made up of 50% vegetable oil, renewable and natural resources to create some of their most signature styles. Ahead, find a roundup of eco-friendly and beautiful designed bags from ethnical brands reinventing their traditional techniques to develop chic bags that reduce the carbon footprint without compromising our style.

stella mccartney

Stella McCartney, Falabella tote bag, Dhs3,580, SHOP NOW

more is life

More Is Life, Brunette Large Blanca Tote, Dhs1,470, SHOP NOW



hereu masia

Hereu, Masia – Canvas/Leather Tote, Dhs2,750, SHOP NOW


eco conscious bags
SIMONMILLER, Vegan Scrunch Bag, Dhs1,010, SHOP NOW


eco-conscious bags
Alienina, Viola Bag, Dhs1,287, SHOP NOW