Saudi Fashion
Courtesy of Saudi Fashion Commission

Saudi Arabia’s driving force for fashion, the Saudi Fashion Commission is joining hands with Istituto Marangoni to bring its creative residents the Digital Fashion Program. Technology advancement is seeping into every sector, and the fashion industry is no different with the designing process constantly making use of cutting-edge new technologies. The virtual program intends to equip upcoming Saudi fashion designers with the digital skills needed in the modern era of fashion.

“Equipping Saudi designers with innovative skills needed to thrive in today’s fashion world is key to our success at the Fashion Commission,” stated Burak Çakmak, the CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission.

The applications, open until 28th January 2023, has only 100 spots for interested applicants. The 5-month program introduces digital tools like CLO software, a 3D digital fashion design software. With CLO, you design clothes and accessories by creating virtual and true-to-life visualisation with cutting-edge simulation technologies for the fashion and apparel industries. As the world is moving towards sustainability, CLO is ideal as it helps reduce textile waste. Besides, the designing process will get shorter as designers can amend the fit on a 3D avatar, and it also opens for collaborations anywhere in the world. 

Courtesy of Saudi Fashion Commission

Designers will not only be able to create realistic fashion items digitally using 3D modelling, but they will also learn to master high-definition renderings, motion images and animation videos with specific techniques for sales and communication. 

During the Saudi 100 Brands exhibition of WHITE Milan 2022, Stefania Valenti, the Managing Director of Istituto Marangoni, met Saudi fashion designers that showcased their designs. Witnessing the potential in the region, she expressed that Istituto Marangoni is proud to help upskill Saudi fashion professionals with the latest digital technologies and support the growth of the local fashion industry through the mentorship of professional and international faculty.

“I believe enrolling in this course will enhance their digital skills to meet the needs of the ever-evolving fashion market and companies now looking ahead at new technologies and digital innovation,” she continued.

The program will begin in late February 2023. For more information and to apply, click here.