BeautyBio is known for their state of the art luxury dermarollers. (Instagram @beautybio)

Acne scars? Sagging skin? Fine lines and wrinkles? There’s a plethora of skincare lotions and potions on the market to treat these common skin concerns. But what if we told you, there is a way to make your ingredients work a lot better for you? Enter the dermaroller. Rolling these cylindrical shaped piece of metal sporting hundreds of needles over your skin may seem like an act of medieval torture, but it turns out, this can dramatically improve your skin’s texture and tone. And fyi, it doesn’t hurt.

Dermaroller needles create micro channels in skin. These allow for enhanced product penetration. The BeautyBio Glo Pro Microregeneration Beauty Tool (Dhs1014, Cult Beauty) enables you to get the same results as an in-office treatment in the luxury of your own home.

When a dermaroller glides on the skin, the needles create micro channels. This allows for enhanced penetration of skincare formulas. When products go deeper into the skin, they’re more effective at producing desired results. Dermarollers can also help to stimulate collagen production. When these micro injuries occur on the skin, the body sends signals to produce more collagen at the site of injury. Ultimately, skin becomes firmer, plumper, and more youthful looking.

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Before dermarolling, it’s important to make sure your roller is properly sanitized. Generously spray 70% isopropyl alcohol on the roller and let it sit for a few minutes, and afterwards, wash the dermaroller in warm water. Double cleanse skin to rid it of all impurities. Use gentle pressure when applying the dermaroller against your skin.

Dermarollers might be the answer to your skincare prayers. Shown here is the Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Dermaroller (Dhs273, SkinStore). (Instagram @jennypatinkin)

With clean hands, apply your chosen serum to a section of your face. The cheek area is a great place to start. Glide your roller in a T-shaped motion on your skin and roll five to seven times in each area. Only roll in one direction for each individual glide. Make sure to lift the roller off the skin when changing direction. Never switch the roller direction when the needles are in contact with your skin. This can cause serious trauma to your skin barrier.

Dubai esthetician, Aneta Pszczolkowska, tells us “to use the dermaroller for five to ten minutes every night. Concentrate on areas with fine lines or scarring, and afterwards, apply retinol. It’s anti-aging effects are maximized by dermarolling.” After you finish dermarolling a section of your skin, reapply your serum to your skin and move on to the next area. You can also dermaroll your neck, chest, and even stretch marks.