Apple debuted its innovative wireless AirPods in 2016—and yet, nearly five years on, many of us are still struggling with, well, keeping them on. Sure, we no longer have to battle with tangled cords, but, perhaps even more frustratingly, the triple-figure headphones easily fall out and drop down to the ground (sadly, the three-second rule no longer exists in the days of the pandemic), often never to be found. Before giving up on them entirely though, rest assured that Delfina Delettrez, whose Surrealist-inspired fine jewelry designs are beloved by everyone from Rihanna to Tilda Swinton, is here to the rescue with a line of gioielleria—as practical as it is chic—specifically created to keep the fussy tech accessory stylishly secured.

“I was losing my EarPods constantly,” recalls the Roman designer and fourth-generation Fendi, who had a lightbulb moment during the early days of quarantine after she misplaced them one too many times. It was then that she thought: “Tech gadgets are becoming more and more extensions of oneself, and we have to include them in our everyday life, so why not wear them as jewellery?” The realisation led her to quickly set to work on her newest made-in-Italy collection: freshwater pearl and 18 karat gold designs, which come equipped with two clever gilded rings made to securely hold the headphones’ stems.

“I must say that every time I wear the Pearl Sonic on my Zoom calls they become a conversation piece immediately,” notes Delettrez, who has taken to pairing the collection’s long chain necklace with a simple white t-shirt (and, of course, her signature swipe of teal under-eye liner). Plus, she adds, the statement number is just as eye-catching on its own: “Even when I charge my EarPods, I still have a beautiful gold and pearl necklace on.” Consider it a win-win.

delfina delettrez

Pearl Sonic necklace, Delfina Delletrez, DHS8,300. Shop now