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While it seems like some of the latest fashion trends are focusing on crop tops and midriff detailing, more covered looks are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion scene – especially in the swimwear department.

Now more than ever, retailers have realised the significant gap between modest wear and fashion-forward pieces, leading brands to expand their swimwear lines to create the most fashionable pieces that fit every woman’s style and body type.

Ahead, find five labels making swimwear more accessible below.

lanuuk swimwear

Established in 2018, Lanuuk is a swimwear line creating full coverage swimwear pieces that allows its customers to feel feminine, stylish and comfortable when heading out for a swim. By aiming to redefine the traditional concept of swimwear, Lanuuk’s elegant cuts and classic colours will flatter any body type.

Lyra Swimwear

Inspired by Moroccan beachwear, Hollywood elegance and minimalist designs, LYRASWIM was born. The brand focuses heavily on creating the ultimate solution for women worldwide who find themself struggling to pick the most modest swimwear that suits their lifestyle. With each piece, the brand allows its shoppers to feel comfortable and confident when lounging around the pool or kick-starting beach season with family and friends.

s i y a  swimwear

S I Y A is a modest swimwear line created for everyday women who want to feel covered yet fashionable all in one. Designer Yassine began S I Y A in 2018 and ever since has been working toward the ultimate textures when it comes to her swimwear designs.

sei sorelle swimwear

Sei Sorelle meaning six sisters, in Italian, is a passion project between six women. The concept is focused on sustainability, luxury garments and taking care of the planet. As mothers, the founders wanted to create the utter-most luxe garments while staying aware of the earth to create a sound state for their children.

MOdest up

Modest Up is a swimwear brand made with the highest quality fabric and UPF 50+ protection, allowing you to feel comfortable yet protected and allowing your swimsuit to dry super fast after stepping out of the water. The suits fit all body shapes and sizes, allowing you to feel secure in its double lined garments.


Summer is officially upon us and COÉGA’s latest Spring/Summer collection offers an exclusive range of modest swimsuits to cater to the modern woman who prefers a more modest style. The chic, flowy designs are made from breathable, UV50+ protected materials to keep you protected yet comfortable during the summer season.