Charities to give back to this Ramadan
Courtesy of Human Appeal

Ramadan is a big reminder to all of us, that we should hold kindness, generosity and compassion for others, especially those less fortunate than ourselves. Muslims are encouraged to give Zakat, a form of almsgiving, all year round, but especially during Ramadan. Whether you want to follow the Zakat initiative or if the holy month has simply got you in the spirit of helping out and giving back, we have put together a list of reliable charities you can safely donate to this Ramadan.

Most Noble Number Charity Auction

Each year over 800 million people starve from hunger many of the time going unnoticed and unheard. During the month of Ramadan, you may have noticed or heard about many cards driving around Dubai with empty number plates. The PR stunt caused quite a stir and was put together by the UAE Government Media Office, to create awareness of all the ’empty plates’ in the world. The stunt was all part of a 1 billion meals campaign providing meals to those in need across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. In the Most Noble Number Charity Auction, where affluent audiences can bid for number plates to help stop hunger with the money raised with every dirham raised one meal will be provided to someone less fortunate.

World Food Programme

World Food Programme Insight – Medium
Courtesy of the World Food Programme

WFP’s ‘Ramadan Campaign Against Hunger’ offers donors the chance to double the impact of their sadaqah. These donations will be put towards feeding as many people who are starving in the Middle East as possible this Ramadan.

Muslims Around The World Project

Courtesy of Muslims Around The World Project

A charity focusing on supporting Yemen, Lebanon and Palestine emergencies. The charity builds wells, mosques, and shelters where they can host banquets for young orphanages. Give a gift this Ramadan that directly responds to crises of food, clothing, shelter and emotional support with MATW.


Courtesy of UNICEF

Give your sadaqah to children and families in need this Ramadan with UNICEF. An urgent appeal has gone out from the organisation for communities to make donations that will reach vulnerable children with the therapeutic food, and water services that they need to survive and thrive.


Courtesy of Human Appeal

The Ramadan Human Appeal charity reap 30 days of multiplied blessings. The organisation has a multitude of projects you can donate to all year round, but if you’re specifically looking for something to fit with your zakat donation, you can directly donate to their zakat fund. With donations, the charity aims to feed those less fortunate and in hunger around the Middle East. Last year, donations allowed them to help “over 4.4 million people across 19 countries, including, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq and Bangladesh.” This charity has multiple Ramadan projects throughout the holy month for you to get involved with and give back.


The Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund has been supporting and saving young lives for years. The organisation is dedicated to helping young people from across the Middle East who need it the most. Donations directly go to providing urgent medical care to children in war-torn places who have no access to proper healthcare, including Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.