Beyond dance challenges and tasty recipes, TikTok is now a veritable breeding ground for beauty trends, from copycat celebrity makeup looks (hello, Hailey Bieber and Madison Beer) to easy hairstyles. But skincare has become a particularly prevalent topic on the platform, with users sharing reviews and advice on the latest and greatest emulsions and creams to hit the market.

The latest product garnering some serious praise from TikTok-ers is a relatively inconspicuous face mask from French skincare brand Caudalie. The company’s Instant Detox Mask has gone viral, with users proclaiming its pore-clearing abilities under the hashtag #caudaliedetox, which has now amassed more than 2.9 million views.

The mask, which is described by the brand as a ‘vacuum for the pores’ has users raving, with many speculating that it unclogs dirt and grime from the skin to leave the complexion looking fresh and glowing. It’s also said to nix dull skin, so you can expect a brighter visage post-use. As a beauty journalist, I’m well and truly wary of the hype around products, but I have to admit – even I was sucked in by this new cult buy.


It’s a clay mask, which means it’s particularly useful for drawing impurities out of the skin. Users have been noticing a difference in their skin after only a few applications, from refined-looking pores to diminished blackheads. It’s also said to help the skin maintain a firmer appearance and reportedly doesn’t irritate any sensitive skin types.

Launched by Mathilde Thomas in 1995, Caudalie could be considered one of the beauty industry’s best-kept secrets. Coming from the vineyards of Bordeaux, the brand is synonymous with its grape-based products, which are made up of largely natural ingredients. The brand doesn’t tend to follow trends, preferring to quietly release high-performance skincare without fuss or fanfare (until now, that is).

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