Instagram @nicolaannepeltzbeckham

First, Hailey Bieber gave us the now-iconic glazed doughnut nails, and now Nicola Peltz Beckham has metaphorically entered the chat with a gorgeous twist on the classic French. Her new nails have been coined “blizzard French nails”, and they serve up a deliciously neat and understated combination of nail-bed pink, crisp white and a whole lot of frosty glitter. We are most definitely in our idolise-cool-girl era, and – mark our words – everyone will be sporting these Peltz Beckham-approved nails by Valentine’s Day.

We caught an up-close glimpse of Nicola’s new mani via Tom Bachik’s Instagram, where we learnt that he used Mia Secret’s Almond Extension Gel Tips and Gelux Gel Polishes in ‘Rose Petal’ and ‘White’ to create the mesmerising ombre look. Bachik is the brain behind many a famous mani – having worked on the hands of Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and Margot Robbie – so, when he coins a new nail look, we take note.

Blizzard French nails are perfect for the winter-spring transitional period, with a subtle, sparkly nod to the fun of party season, combined with a clean and understated colour palette that’s perfect for spring. Bachik created the look for Nicola’s 28th birthday, which she spent having a spa day with her closest friends, plus a whole host of gigantic pink balloons, enough cake to feed an army, and fluffy robes galore. The whole party was dripping with charming childhood nostalgia – from the modelling balloons to the cake’s unicorn icing – and honestly, the FOMO is real.

Nicola has also recently been spotted enjoying quality beauty time with bestie Selena Gomez. Selena posted an adorable round-up of NYE pics where you can see the two girls getting their hair done together. Honestly, we are so here for the wholesome content; we adore that Nicola is using beauty as a way to connect and have fun with her loved ones.