Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel
Huda’s new brow product is helping our arches look natural and fluffy. (Supplied)

There are a few things in life we can always count on. Dubai summers are hot AH, the brunch scene never disappoints, and Huda Beauty always delivers with her latest launches. It’s no surprise that the new Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel (Dhs82, Sephora) is the answer to our fluffier brow prayers.

The latest member of the Huda Beauty brow products is an innovative volumising microfibre gel with an ultra-thin spoolie to give full-looking brows to every brow shape, colour, and density. Huda’s inspo behind the Bomb Brows Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel came from her observations of the ever-evolving brow trends. She noticed people were moving away from the overly sculpted, contoured, product-heavy brow and towards fluffier, feathered brows. Huda herself says, “brows are my beauty starting point, and to fulfill the dream of fluffy, natural-looking brows, I’ve designed a long-lasting gel to fluff your way to bomb bushy brows.” Huda put her ideas into action to create a brow gel that can enhance brows to look more full but never fake. As a result, Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel was born.

Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel
The Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel comes in eight shades from warm blonde to soft black. (Instagram @hudabeauty)

This brow gel isn’t only volumising, it’s also long-lasting, water resistant, and smudge-proof. According to Huda Kattan, the fibre gel contains a “complex of hair-conditioning ingredients, including coconut oil, vitamin E, castor oil and cyperus oil.” The Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel adheres to both skin and hair to give the appearance of fuller and denser brows. The stay-in-place formula dries with a natural, no-flaking effect.

We love the detailed application our brows get from the ultra-fine wand. This micro-precision spoolie brush allows you to comb through each individual brow hair without clumping or blotchiness. The end result? Brows look natural and groomed with a feathered effect.

Huda Beauty Bomb Brows Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel
Brows look natural and fuller after application of Huda Beauty Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel. (Supplied)

Huda suggests brushing your brow hair upwards using the Huda Beauty Full ‘N Fluffy Fiber Gel to sculpt and create your desired brow shape. Afterwards, use the Huda Beauty Microshade Pencil to fill in any gaps for enhanced definition.