If adorning yourself with eye-catching chains and pendants is your go-to way of expressing yourself, there are a few up-and-coming jewellery brands based right here in Dubai that you need to keep an eye on. Adding layered necklaces or just a few rings can amplify your outfit and your presence. If you’re looking for a new jewellery brand that’s going to exude elegance, we have a list that’s perfect for you.

Have a look at Dubai-based jewellery brands you need to keep an eye on this year.


La Marquise Jewellery’s new Paper Boat collection is perfect for the girl who enjoys layering delicate pieces. Handcrafted with 18-carat solid gold, there are endless variations to choose from which include white diamonds and ceramic enamel. This collection has a range of pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets. Opt for combinations of jewellery in shades of rich Jade Green, Carnation Pink, Capri Blue, or Raspberry Red.

Paper Boat© Choker Medium Dhs5,250


A Dubai-based jewellery brand that is gathering quite the attention. Inspired by the magnificent beauty of Reynisfjara in Iceland, La Stella incorporates its beauty into diamond-centred pieces, in a range of necklaces, rings, chokers, earrings and bangles.

La Stella Three Row Multishaped Ring, Dhs15,000

Aveen Jewellery

Aveen Jewellery makes 18-carat gold jewellery that is customizable to your specific tastes. Their signature pieces have multicoloured stones and diamonds. The custom-made name necklaces are extraordinarily unique, coming in both Arabic and English writing, they intertwine birthstones and diamonds into the designs.

Instagram @aveenjewellery

BY Noora Shawqi

Jewellery by Noora Shawqi has some of the most exuberant pieces around. The pieces are inspired by countries around the world and incorporate a variety of colours. Her Mosaic Collection items are a beautiful addition to any outfit. The necklaces go perfectly stacked with different kinds of chains and pendants.

Noora Shawqi, Multicoloured Mosaic Necklace, Dhs8,600

Lana Al Kamal Jewellery

Based in both Dubai and Riyadh, Lana Al Kamal Jewelry is hand-sketched and designed by architect and certified gemologist Lana herself. Each of her collections are limited edition, with no two pieces being the same. All the collections are produced in limited quantities for exclusivity. The brand is built on the concept of “Let your eyes see only beauty”, and looking at this heart-shaped pink enamel necklace that’s exactly what we see.

Joy Heart Necklace, Lana Al Kamal Jewellery, Dhs2,900


Stone Fine Jewerly

Stone Fine Jewellery, founded by Jordanian duo Ghadeer Taher and Joumana Jallad, create jewellery that encompasses both glamour and grace in its designs. Each collection whether it be whimsical, dazzling or artistic, achieves its goal of elegance, beauty, and movement.

Emerald Spike Earrings, Fine Stone Jewellery, Dhs14,325


1960’s Diamond and Turquoise Furclip, Dhs13,955

Yaz Jewels, founded by Yasmine Hesham, is the first online boutique in the middle east to specialize in vintage jewels. The brand carries two core collections, YJ Fine, sought from renowned jewelry houses, and YJ Costume,  made by well-known designers like Tiffany & Co., Givenchy, and Chanel.


Sandra Gargour jewellery

Sandra Gargour Jewellery
Baroque Pearl Earrings, Dhs6,427

Sandra Gargour Design House is a Lebanese fine jewellery design house based in Beirut. Founded by Lebanese designer Sandra Gargour, the design house draws inspiration from nature’s pristine beauty, combining collectible gemstones with contemporary twists through masterful craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted with utmost attention to detail, using only the finest materials and techniques. The designs are inspired by the beauty of nature’s pristine beauty. From the choice of gemstones to contemporary styling, each piece is crafted with a unique and artistic approach, making it an eye-catching and timeless addition to any collection.