I am notoriously reticent when it comes to my brows. Fearful, circumspect and forever wary of sketchy brow jobs (I had one bad experience, and we all know the life-long impact that can have); I am famously fussy when it comes to my eyebrows. So much so, I have only ever had my brows tended to three times in my beauty life (one, the aforementioned brow-saster), such is my caution when it comes to my caterpillars (and a great faux pas in the beauty editor world).

With this in mind, when a very generous offer to trial Amy Jean Eye Couture’s Henna Brows came my way, I was initially dubious. Grateful at the gesture, panicking at the result. Was I about channel Groucho Marx and leave the salon with those infamous Groucho Glasses on (you know the ones; bushy brows, big nose)? After consulting my beauty comrades, they appeased any worry and maintained the treatment was nothing short of brilliant. And so, off I went, to see Australia’s Arch Angel to the stars (think Naomi Campbell, Dannii Minogue and Delta Goodrem, to name a few).

Entering Amy Jean’s salon is like stepping into a luxury hotel of sorts; palatial and opulent at every gilded turn. Overlooking Sydney’s Hyde Park, there is a distinct Manhattan-esque quality to it; everything is articulated in the most luxurious of ways (think golden trimmings and lavish furnishings). Quite simply, it’s beautiful. Much like its namesake, Amy Jean, who is one of the sweetest and most amiable people in beauty. Genuine, kind and, most importantly, respectful of my ridiculous melodrama (me? Never), she’s quick to reassure me of all the benefits of Henna Brows and ensures me I’ll love the treatment. We’re going for a “light” tint (cue the phew), which essentially translates to less time on both brow and skin. Typically a treatment lasts for 10 – 15 minutes, however, for a Nervous Nancy like myself, we go 5 – 10. The henna is painted on and I have a brief repose on a humid Sydney day. And in a hot second, Amy Jean returns for the big reveal.

Hand mirror in front of me, I open my eyes. And, drumroll….I’m in love. Obsessed, in fact. So obsessed, I take the mirror to admire myself., over and over (and over) again. Naturally well endowed in the middle brow area, I have annoyingly sparse tails (particularly my left one who has recently started to rival Swiss cheese). And now? Gloriously filled. And yet, so natural (very important to me). Forget Christmas, it’s a brow miracle. Naturally full, lush, perfect brows. The second day was by far the best, and I did become very well-acquainted with the mirror that day. As I tip the oily end of the skin scale, my Henna Brows last about two weeks (those with a dryer complexion will get four weeks), fading slightly, day by day.

But, what exactly is the difference between Henna Brows and a brow tint? Here, everything you need to know about Henna Brows, from the Brow Queen herself, Amy Jean.

How does Henna differ from a regular brow tint?
Regular tinting involves a hit dye that has a peroxide oxidant to activate the colour, it dyes the hairs very well, whereas Henna stains the skin more effectively. Henna looks more matte and powdery, whereas tinting grabs on the hairs a little more and appears a little glossier.

How and why did you start Henna brows?
I like to offer my clientele as much diversity with eyebrow treatments as possible. As an eyebrow specialist, you need to understand that peoples preferences for their arches can differ so much from person to person. There is not one “perfect look”. Also, Henna is a great natural alternative for people with sensitive skin types.

Who is Henna best for? (i.e. what type of brows?)
Low maintenance on the go types who want to get out the door without “filling in” their brows with a makeup product. Sensitive or dry skin types are suited to henna or anyone who wants a thicker looking brow without the commitment of eyebrow tattooing.

Who should avoid Henna?
Oily skin types don’t get much benefit as the henna breaks down and lifts from the skin quite quickly. They can appear quite dark for a few days, so its not recommended as a red carpet treatment.

What does a Henna Brow treatment actually entail?
Your artist will consult on colour and shape then apply a barrier cream to the area of the skin where you don’t want the henna to dye. You can actually create the illusion of the shape you’re after by staining the skin into this shape. The henna is applied and takes 10-15 mins to set into the skin. It is then wiped away and you are good to go!

Does it come in different shades? 
Yes, over 8 shades from platinum blonde right through to black, as well as modifiers such as amber and pure ash.

How long does it last?
Between 2 – 4 weeks depending on oiliness or sweating.

Are there any tips for maintaining your Henna between visits? 
Don’t cleanse the brows with coarse products such as intense toners or active ingredients and don’t moisturise them!

Credit: Instagram, @bambilegit