This morning, Teresa Palmer posted a series of photos of her incredible curly hair with the following caption:

“Alright folks, let’s talk about hair! So I have this thick wild mane of hair, curly at the back, straighter at the front with a glorious tuft of grey baby hair by my cowlick 😝 ⁣

I usually dump my hair on top of my head using a scrunchy. Guess it’s my go-to, running out the door kinda look. I never blow dry or style it, hate going to the hairdressers so it usually ends up out of the way on top of my head! I don’t know if it’s a I’m-a-time-poor-mum thing or simply because I’ve always been low maintenance and save makeup/styling for work? But I just feel lately that I want to show my hair a little more love otherwise I’ll just give it the old chop. ⁣

Last night I went to bed with wet hair and seemingly I woke up with hair that actually looked coolish so I thought aha! Sleeping with wet hair is the secret but by the end of the day I got back home and WTF was that frizz mess?!? Gimme some tips folks, it took me TWO hours to untangle the matts at the back tonight. How do you take care of and love on your unruly hair with little time for yourself?! #thanksinadvance.”



Her hair actually looked incredible (before and after) but no one should be subjected to a two hour curl detangling session, so the Aussie actress reached out to her followers for curly hair intel. The comments section is, as expected, going off (including input from none other than Celeste Barber) but as beauty experts, we want to add out two cents! So Teresa, if you’re reading, find our pick of the best products for your specific curls below!

Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban, $48. SHOP NOW

Aquis Turbans are great for all hair types, but especially curls as they absorb moisture without rubbing, tugging or creating frizz. Just wring out excess moisture, apply product of choice and then put it on to mostly dry the hair before styling.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer, $45. SHOP NOW

This protein-rich leave in cream seals off the cuticle for shinier, smoother curls. Just work through damp hair from roots to ends before styling or air drying.

Slip Silk Pillowcase, $50. SHOP NOW

PSA: Everyone with fine’wavy/curly/textured hair should be sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Not only do they look incredibly chic, but they prevent breakage and frizz that tossing and turning on a coarsely-textured pillowcase will. Bonus: It’s also fantastic for smoother skin (less creasing) and won’t absorb as much skincare – because your complexion needs it more than your linen does.

Vernon Francois Co Wash Shampoo, $37. SHOP NOW

Another option for curly folk is co-washing, or the concept of using a cleansing conditioner or cleansing shampoo a few times a week to encourage natural oils and balance the scalp (it’s less stripping than washing and conditioning as normal). This pick from curly hair specialists Vernon Francois contains jojoba and marula to add moisture and soften curls without weighing them down.

Davines Love Curl Enhancing Conditioner, $39. SHOP NOW

As Teresa explained, curly hair is prone to matting so a weekly deep, detangling treatment can be a godsend. Davines Love Conditoiner is a buttery mix of pistachio and rice wax to soften, add bounce and eliminate knots. Plus, it smells heavenly.

Oribe Curl Control Silkening Crème, $68. SHOP NOW

As far as curl-enhancing styling creams, Oribe is truly gold standard. It contains a stack of hydrators like oils, butters and fatty acids to help define curls, separate them and add serious shine.