Whether we are escaping the mundanity of our restricted lives or the messiness of our social media feeds, a woman’s nighttime routine has become a much-needed tool to disconnect and relax. In this series “How I Wind Down…”, we speak to a lot of different women about how they prepare for a restful evening.

Tash Oakley
Credit: Supplied

A quick glance at Tash Oakley’s Instagram bio is enough to understand that the model and entrepreneur is a woman of many trades. After rising to social media fame with her co-founded blog @ABikiniADay, Oakley went on to launch her own (and extremely successful) brand Monday Swimwear in 2014. Worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and  Olivia Culpo, the brand is a coveted summer essential.

Nowadays she is also involved with cult Australian jewellery label, Emma Pills, and sits at the helm of The Pilates Class. Oh and did I mention she boasts over 2.6 million followers on social media?

Speaking with GRAZIA, Oakley explains that she is strategic with how she manages her stress. “I am very cognizant of what my body needs, especially if my cortisol levels are high from a stressful day,” she says. “I like to check in with myself multiple times throughout the day to see what my body needs. This is something I’ve gotten better at doing throughout the years.”

For the businesswoman this could mean staying hydrating, taking a break from technology, ensuring she allows herself a lunch break and exercising. Naturally, her night time routine echoes these methods.

GRAZIA: Can you describe your night time beauty routine?

“My night time beauty routine is my time to reconnect with myself and unwind. I like to start with my favourite face cleaner, Fresh Soy Face Cleaner. The goal of my night time skin routine is to make sure my skin is really hydrated. I like to use my Lancôme Face Serum and add an eye cream. I typically double up on my Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream and apply it in an upwards direction to stimulate blood flow. I finish off with a super hydrating lip moisturiser like Laneige Lip Mask.”

How do you wind down after a busy day?

“Disconnecting from my phone and reconnecting to my body and my breath. I like to do a The Pilates Class stretch or wind down after a busy work day. The endorphins from the work out are an amazing way to end of the day and reenergise me for the night time. Other days when my body is just needing a rest I like to have a glass of red wine or take a long bath.”

How do you decorate your space to assist in falling asleep?

“I’ve always liked my bedroom to be pretty neutral. I like to decorate my bedroom with plants, warm candles, and photos/portraits that make me happy. The natural tones are simple and ease the mind for a perfect drift off.”

What time do you go to sleep?

“I am typically in bed by 10pm. Once I’m in bed I disconnect from any electronics and like to read a book or meditate and drift off.”

Do you plan the next day’s look before you go to sleep? What is your go-to ensemble?

“Depending on what my next day looks like, I either have pre-planned my outfit or like to plan it at the end of my work day. If I’m just going to the office or working from home I have a dedicated wardrobe and like to pick my look in the morning depending on what I’m feeling that day.”