Credit: Instagram/@rosiehw

Like most of the women I know, I follow every move Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makes online with an (arguably troubling) level of intensity. With every drop of outfit images she shares on her Instagram page, I’m immediately overcome with a feverish need to analyse and evaluate everything she’s wearing, where in her museum-perfect home she’s taken the shots and how she’s styled herself for the day.

Maybe it renders me incredibly basic, but as a fellow devotee of structured separates, a neutral colour palette and minimal beauty styling, I’m always inspired by her looks. And now she’s gone and done it again with her latest hair colour – a sophisticated take on the chunky highlights we all wore as teens in the early 2000s.

Huntington-Whiteley might be an undisputed style tastemaker but she’s really not one to try trends first, so while this isn’t the first time we’ve seen chunky highlights sported by a celebrity – Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid have done it – it’s arguably still early days for the minimalist fashion subset to which Huntington-Whiteley belongs. The look is characterised by visibly thick streaks of colour framing the face, with the rest of the hair having a deeper tone to create contrast.

Huntington-Whiteley has been showing off the hue for several weeks now, with vibrant blonde highlights falling around her face, while the rest of her lengthy locks remain a more natural, richer tone of bronde. It results in a flattering, youthful colour that adds brightness to the complexion, while the darker hues add depth for a chic, yet laidback look. With less bleaching required, it’s also probably far healthier for the hair (and likely costs less, too).

Huntington-Whiteley is likely taking good care of her new colour, as it was recently revealed on Instagram that she has teamed up with hair brand Crown Affair for a special collaboration with her beauty website, Rose Inc. The limited edition sets include an edit of Huntington-Whiteley’s haircare essentials, including a comb, silk scrunchie and hair oil.

Naturally, I’ll buy all of it as I step out my next appointment with a fresh, carbon-copy colour of Huntington-Whiteley’s new hybrid hue. Sigh.