Marine Serre
A clip from the Marine Serre FW21 film.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021: Marine Serre has not-so-quietly emerged as a leader in sustainable high-end fashion. Since launching her eponymous label in 2017, the French fashion designer has outfitted the likes of Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner—expanding her global footprint every time a new consumer lays eyes on the brand’s crescent-moon print-adorned garments. That curiosity-inducing symbol has a bevy of cultural influences that means something different to every consumer; a sentiment that’s so very Serre. But besides the chic motif, the 29-year-old LVMH prize-winner is also known for her persistent commitment to sustainability.

Despite challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, Serre has unveiled her Fall-Winter 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection, entitled “Core.” Instead of a virtually streamed runway show held during her Paris Fashion Week time slot, the designer produced a website: The digital platform is dedicated to showcasing her upcoming lineup and educating consumers about how the Paris-based label turns discarded materials into regenerated pieces. “This last year has been difficult for everyone, but there is no longer any question about it, things must be done differently,” Serre says in a press release provided to GRAZIA. “We want to bring Ecofuturism to the streets.”

As is the case with all of Serre’s collections, FW21 was brought to life using upcycled and regenerated garments and recycled fibres. The label spells out each material via the digital lookbook on its website. Each look accompanies the specific regenerated textile used in its creation, be it fleece bedcovers to create Looks 41-43, silk scarves for Looks 1-6, and leather for 7-10. Viewers can hover over the look and click on the specific textile name to be transported to a mini-documentary outlining the creative process behind the silhouette. Education is an important component of consumerism. “In fashion, people focus a lot on design, and very little on the actual process of making the clothes,” said Serre in an interview with WWD.

Marine Serre
A look at the regenerated materials used to create the Marine Serre FW21 collection.

The collection includes a myriad of hybrid garments, like long-sleeved dresses adorned with silk scarves, workwear with pockets specially designed to hold hand sanitiser, colour-block leather coats, and once-loved nostalgic patchwork T-shirts transformed into a Marine Sarre treasure. Of course, the crescent moon motif is an essential part of the FW21 collection as well.

View Marine Serre key looks here, but be sure to visit the brand’s website, which elegantly depicts the beauty of upcycling, and its subsequent community of recyclers, creators, and conscious consumers.

And view the label’s core trailer below.