In the flurry of backstage chaos, Michele McQuillan was making the model manes look anything but model-ish. It was textured, tousled and lived-in; the latest beauty buzz word and trend to be pandering to. And McQuillan would know. With a career spanning 25 years, her repertoire includes working with the fanciest fashion houses, the biggest brands and almost every editorial title under the sartorial sun. 

For the recent Aje 17/18 Resort show, McQuillan created the lived-in look. You know, that rolled-out-of-bed hair; still polished enough to not look like you’ve really just rolled out of bed, because if you had, sound the alarm.

Natural was key, as too the enhancement of existing waves, curls and kinks – a celebration of beauty individualism, which persists as a theme in fashion shows the world over. 

“The inspiration was an effortlessly, cool girl. We’ve created a natural feel with an element of rawness that highlights the natural textures of each girls hair.”

It’s hair that renders a certain insouciance, that moody glower, those fluffy brows, that kick-arse attitude. It’s also tipped to be a huge trend for the upcoming (nay, terrifyingly near) Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Just ask Michele. We did, along with some other very hairy questions.


What are the top hair trends of MBFWA 17 and why? 
What I think you can expect from this coming season of MBFWA is natural hair textures that encourage more of a curl that is effortless with a cool, french girl feel. Separately to that, a sleek style which is very chic and has an ease about it.

What is the best trend to try at home?
The best trend to try at home would be the ‘braid and clamp’ technique. Nice quick and easy style to create yourself that involves sectioning the hair into five braids all over the head, and clamping the straightening iron over them. Once cooled, you take the braids out and give them a brush. To prep this style, the best product to use is a texture spray. To finish the style off, use a moulding cream to create a separation on the ends and have a lived-in feel.

The I-can’t-live-without product of Fashion Week? 
The products I can’t live without during Fashion Week is the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray and Moroccanoil Molding Cream. The Texture Spray provides a great canvas for the hair that has long-lasting hold. It is good to be used as a prep spray to provide foundational grip or also as a finishing spray for styles with carefree, textured volume. The Molding Cream is an excellent all rounder product. It is great to create shape and texture through the hair with its workable and pliable texture. It leaves the hair natural-looking with it’s semi-matte finish, with long-lasting flexible hold. 

For those bad hair days, what is your ultimate go-to style / product / tip?
My go-to style is a chic, effortless top-knot that is perfectly un-done, using all of the hair or half the hair. Dry Shampoo is a saviour for times when you have no time. I spray it at the roots for an instantly cleansed and refreshed root. My overall tip is keep it as natural and simple as possible.



1. On dry hair, 
begin by prepping the hair with the Moroccanoil Original Treatment Oil to create the perfect foundation for styling. Evenly apply 1-2 pumps on clean hair, from mid-lengths to ends.


2. Proceeding with dry hair, 
spray the Moroccanoil Texture Spray evenly throughout the hair to create a texturized hold. Section the hair in two, the lower section from the occipital bone to the nape. Clip the top section away. Working with the lower section, separate the hair into two parts and braid from the roots to the mid lengths, leaving the ends out. The Moroccanoil Texture Spray is used as a prep spray to provide foundational grip needed for no-slip braids. It gives a texturised hold with a dry, gritty finish for an effortless, undone style.


3. Continuing with the two braids,
clamp each of them with a straightening iron and allow them to cool. Once cooled, take the hair out of the braids. This will create a wave in the hair that appears natural with movement and bounce.


4. Let the rest of the hair down 
to where it naturally falls and make a slightly messy centre parting. Lightly spray the Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo at the roots to refresh the hair. Use the tongs to create a subtle bend throughout the hair, wrapping small sections in alternating directions, all throughout the top section.


5. Lastly, gently emulsify
Moroccanoil Molding Cream with your fingers, then grab pieces of hair to create a separation of ends for a lived-in look. Finish the look with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine spray to enhance natural colour and shine.


6. The finish:
natural, wavy, lived-in hair.