Each year, 1000 young Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s shocking statistics like this that have seen ghd support breast cancer charities for over 18 years (and raising over $22 million dollars in the process).

This year, ghd’s annual campaign, Take Action Now, is all about encouraging women to regularly self-check their breasts and get comfortable with their bodies — it’s a known fact that women lacking confidence are less likely to act on new or unusual changes. Take Action Now is also designed to serve as a reminder to rebook any breast screening appointments that were delayed in relation to the pandemic (because according to data gathered by ghd, 98%  were).

In light of the campaign, ghd have released a limited collection of their iconic hair tools, including the helios professional hairdryer, award-winning ghd platinum+ styler, ghd gold styler, and for the first time, the glide hot brush.


Courtesy of ghd

$20 from every hair tool sale goes to a partner charity, such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation. In a statement shared via press release, NBCF CEO and Associate Professor Cleola Anderiesz shared that through their fundraising efforts thus far, ghd’s pink initiative has raised 4.5million dollars for breast cancer research in Australia.

“We are very proud of our long-term partnership with ghd and look forward to their ongoing support,” she added.

Courtesy of ghd

If you do find yourself in need of a new hair styling tool, the timing couldn’t be better. Scroll on for the limited range, and just how they work to give you your best hair.

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